Experiential Education is a podcast about the challenges and opportunities of education today. It’s about finding genuine and authentic experiences which create and provide valuable lessons for life. My aim in seeking out a wide range of leaders in experiential education it to help discover better ways that you can leverage experiential education in your own context and inspire others to do the same! Feel free to get in touch to share some of your aha moments!

Experiential Education, is hosted by me, David Gregory. I’ve been an outdoor education teacher for 21 years. I’ve planned and run activities across five states of Australia and the US. I’ve worked in coastal, remote, wilderness and alpine environments. Much of my work has been in risk assessment, risk management, operational management and just having some awesome adventures!
What’s the point of all this? Well there’s a massive problem with education today and it’s producing less resilient school leavers who are simply not prepared for the challenges of an ever-changing world. I’d like to change that and see education becoming far more practical and enabling students of any age to face their fears, push themselves and grow into independent young adults. I’d love to hear about other peoples’ challenges, fun and experiences when outside the classroom!

So what have I done outside the classroom?

I’ve worked in retail, been a computer technician, worked for a couple of politicians owned a café for 6 years, built two award winning software platforms and run a number of different outdoor education programs. I do like the variety, but it has by no means been easy. Also…

I wrote a book once…

I own a software business for managing school excursions and outdoor ed trips (student medical management).



I write an experiential education blog

I dislike wearing suits and ties and academic gowns give me a rash!

Content Disclaimer: All my opinions are my own, or those of my interview guests and don’t constitute advice or anything more than a general discussion about stuff that’s been observed and experienced over the years.